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Recording for State: Popper Edition

Like last class, I spent the period practicing for All-State. Except, this time I began to record them. The problem of performing is that you have to account for the differences in your surroundings while you play. For example, how I sound in my room is going to sound different than when I play in the TAG hallways, which have nice live acoustics. Of course, all of that is going to sound different when you record.

   This audition is different from other auditions I've prepared for. Instead of performing live for a judge, whether for a blind audition or not, I have to record into a microphone, and the judges will listen to me when they get all the recordings for all the cellists and other string players. When I practice, I do not notice some of the mistakes that I make. However, today, I recorded the Popper etude and realized some newfound errors. When I played it back, I circled which measures were out of tune, which runs needed better articulations, etc. I liked my style; it&…

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