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Last Thesis Class of the Semester

I spent about half of the class editing my midterm research paper. It is about eight pages long, and it summarizes my experience so far in this research. I am proud of my educational process so far. Now, I need to make progress on the coding. Tonight, I am going to begin the bare bones of this function, so that when I get the data sets, I won't start completely from scratch.

   Then, I learned how to build a class in R. In an S3 (informal) class, the class definition is coded inside of a method. The class holds the data entries from in input. I am a little confused about the syntax of the class definition, but I am going to look more into it tonight. It is a lot different from Java. S4 classes are more formal classes. You use the setClass() function to construct the instance variables and important functions. I realize that classes in R have a different purpose than in Java: you build a class so that you can learn more about your output. It is not necessary for coding purpose…

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